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15PV0750-61 POWELL 15KV 1200A EO/DO Air Circuit Breaker

Powell 15PV0750-61 MFG Vacuum circuit breaker; 1200 amp, 15 KV, three pole, control: 125 volt DC, electrically operated, draw-out. Sold used as-is.
SKU: 15PV0750-61 - EMSCO # 19605

15PV0750-61 Powell 15KV 1200A EO/DO Circuit Breaker

Powell POW/VAC Vacuum Circuit Breaker; 15PV0750-61, 1200 amp, 15 KV Rated. Electrically operated, draw-out, Closing Coil: 125 VDC, Trip Coil: 125 VDC, Mech Type: PVS-3. Used Electrically OK.
SKU: 15PV075061#19607

15PVEOG&T Powell 15KV Air Breaker Test Unit EO/DO

Powell 15PVEOG&T MFG circuit breaker; test unit, three pole, control: 120 volt DC, electrically operated, draw-out. Sold used as is.
SKU: 15PVEOG&T - EMSCO # 19604

Powell MCC 600 Amp MLO 480Y/277 Volt R&G

Powell MCC; 600 amp, main lug only, 480Y/277 volt. With (5) size 1 FVNR starter buckets with breaker disconnects & (1) 100 amp breaker feeder bucket. Reconditioned & guaranteed with a one-year warranty.
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