Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD)

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Allen Bradley VFD MCC Bucket - 3 HP 480 Volt R&G

Allen Bradley VFD MCC Bucket - 3 HP, 480 volt. MCC Vintage 2100 - Black VFD (Allen Bradley), Disconnect Type- Circuit Breaker, VFD Series PowerFlex 70 VFD Cat# 20AD5PA 0 AYNNNNN, Horsepower- 3, VFD Voltage: 480 Volt, Height of Bucket 26", Row 1. Reconditioned & guaranteed with a one-year warranty
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Reconditioned, Refurbished, Tested Variable Frequency Drives

When it comes to affordable, dependable surplus industrial motor control components, EMSCO is a single source for industrial Variable Frequency Drives. Working with us gives you access to a wide choice of VFD power solutions to meet your unique VFD requirements. Whether you're in search of a used VFD for electric motors, a refurbished VFD for manufacturing applications, or surplus electrical motor controls for sale, we've got you covered. Our inventory includes a variety of reconditioned motor controls for industrial use.

As an established electric VFD supplier, we provide reliable solutions for your industrial electrical supply needs. Our motor control parts extend beyond motor starters to encompass surplus motor control equipment, reconditioned motor control devices, and refurbished motor control products.

Before reaching you, products undergo rigorous testing and inspection procedures, verifying each part meets industry specifications. Choosing our surplus choices not only saves you money, but also contributes to sustainability solutions by reusing electrical equipment. Partner with us for fast delivery of hard-to-find Variable Frequency Drives.


How to Select the Right VFD for Motor Control

When selecting a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for your manufacturing application, consider the following product attributes. We’re standing by with answers to your questions and will guide you toward the right solution.

What Input Voltage matches your power needs?

The VFD must match the input voltage of your facility's power supply. Selecting the correct input voltage ensures compatibility and efficient operation.

What Input Phase (AC)?

The VFD's input phase (single-phase or three-phase) should align with your facility's power system. Choosing the right input phase is essential for seamless integration and optimal performance.

What Input Frequency matches the power supply?

Matching the input frequency of the VFD with the power supply frequency is crucial. This ensures that the drive can accurately convert and control the motor speed in your manufacturing equipment.

What is the Maximum Output Power required for your motor?

This represents the VFD's capacity to handle the power demands of your motor. Select a VFD with a maximum output power rating that exceeds the requirements of your application to avoid overloading the drive.

What is the Maximum Output Current needed?

Like maximum output power, the maximum output current indicates the drive's ability to handle the current demands of your motor. We’ll help with selecting a VFD's current rating that meets or exceeds the requirements of your gear.

What Output Voltage matches motor voltage?

The VFD's output voltage must match the motor's voltage requirements. Correct voltage compatibility ensures efficient energy transfer and prevents damage to the motor.

Single or three-phase (AC)?

The output phase of the VFD (single-phase or three-phase) should match the motor's requirements. This ensures that the motor receives the correct phase configuration for smooth and reliable operation.

Enclosure Rating needed for your environment?

The enclosure rating specifies the environmental conditions so the VFD may work safely. Consider dust, moisture, and temperature in your manufacturing plant when selecting a VFD with the right enclosure grade for dependable and durable operation.

Evaluating and selecting a VFD based on these attributes, helps us see that the drive is well-matched to your application. This gives you efficient operation and extended electrical equipment life.


VFD Types In Stock, Ready to Ship

Below are just some of the types we stock.

VFD Control Type

Intended Purpose of VFD

Typical Application

Voltage Source Inverter (VSI)

Most common type of VFDs

General-purpose motor control

Current Source Inverter (CSI)

Less common than VSI drives

Specific applications requiring constant current

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)

Uses PWM technology

Efficient and smooth motor control

Vector Control VFD

Provides precise control over torque and speed

Applications demanding high precision control

Sensorless VectorOperates without speed or position feedback sensorsHigh-performance applications without sensors
Open-Loop VFDBasic VFD without motor feedbackApplications where precise speed control is not critical
Closed-Loop VFDIncorporates feedback for precise speed controlApplications requiring accurate speed regulation
Regenerative VFDHandles regenerative energy during brakingApplications with frequent deceleration and braking
Soft StartersControls motor acceleration and decelerationMinimizing stress during motor start-up
Multi-Level InverterUses multiple voltage levels for improved waveformReducing harmonics and enhancing motor performance

EMSCO is your go-to source for affordable surplus industrial motor control components, specializing in Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). Our extensive inventory includes reconditioned motor controls and refurbished products. As a trusted electric VFD supplier, we ensure rigorous testing, providing reliable solutions for your industrial needs. Partner with us for cost savings and fast delivery of hard-to-find VFDs.

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