A Brief Introduction to Motor Control Centers

It's been a while since we discussed one of our main product categories in an overview post. In the past, we've covered topics like bus plugs to provide general information about the products EMSCO offers. In this post, we'll delve into the basics of Motor Control Centers (MCC).

Basics of Motor Control Centers (MCCs)

At its core, a Motor Control Center consists of a series of buckets housed within a larger structure. In industrial and manufacturing environments using electric motors, a system is necessary to control these motors, and that's where the motor control center plays a crucial role.

How They Operate

Feeder buckets are responsible for powering and controlling the electric motors, typically with one bucket per motor. Given that industrial processes often involve numerous electric motors, multiple buckets are required to manage the entire system. The structure serves as the vertical housing, conveniently holding and controlling all feeder buckets in a central location.

The buckets within the structure come in various sizes and configurations, such as fused or circuit breakers. Additionally, these buckets are fully removable, providing flexibility for the electric system to adapt to changes in industrial processes. For instance, adding or removing motors is simplified by adding or removing buckets from the structure or swapping them out for the appropriate components.

In Need of Parts?

If you're looking to replace, upgrade, or install a new MCC system, your search ends here. We offer a wide range of vertical sections of motor control centers, ranging from 400 amperes to 3000 amperes, with main or main lug compartments. Our extensive stock includes all major brands like Square D, GE, Allen Bradley, and more. With a plethora of buckets in stock, both fusible and breaker styles, in sizes 0-6, single and twin feeder buckets, EMSCO is certain to have the components you require.


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