Square D Model-6 Motor Control Centers

EMSCO has recently received a new shipment of Square D Model-6 Motor Control Centers. These Control Centers come with a variety of starter and breaker feeder buckets, and we are excited to announce that there are more than 20 Twin breaker feeder buckets available, each with a capacity of 100 amps. If you're interested in purchasing any of these high-quality motor control centers or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

Square D Model-6 MCC Structure

EMSCO recently got in more Square D Model-6 MCC structure.

The structure has multiple Size-5 FVNR Starter Plug-On buckets as well as Size-4.

All with solid-state overloads and circuit breaker disconnects.

Whether you need a complete motor control center, an add-on section, or a single bucket we have you covered.

Contact a salesman today.

Square D Power-Zone NW 5000 Amp Main Tie Main Lineup

EMSCO recently got in a Square D Power-Zone NW 5000 amp main tie main lineup. The lineup includes (3) NW50H3 with Micrologic 6.0P trips, (2) NW32H3 with 5.0A Micrologic Trip, (1) NW32H3 with 6.0A Micrologic Trip. (1) NW20H3 with 6.0A Trip, (1) NW16H3 with 6.0A Micrologic Trip. We can customize this panel to meet your needs.

With this lineup, we also received (2) Square D Power Cast Transformer and Square D 15KV Medium Voltage Fusible Switches:

2500/3750VA 12470-480Y/277V Square D Power Cast II K-4
Two (2) 2500/3333KVA 12470-480Y/277V Square D Power Cast II K-4
Whether you need a single breaker or a complete substation lineup we have you covered. Give us a call today!

Westinghouse Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors

Newly arrived, EMSCO has received a shipment of Westinghouse medium voltage vacuum contactors. These are open style contactors, 720 amp, and vacuum type OEM Model-A AC contactors; 720-amp, 3-phase, 7200 volts. Part number EMAN3NN8X1-M3.

If you are interested in these medium voltage vacuum contactors or any others, please give us a call today (1-800-328-1842) to speak with our sales department. We’ll be happy to provide quotes, additional information, or find any industrial electrical product or part that you may need.